How we protect your privacy

To take a poll, you must first join the website by completing the registration form (profile). After verifying your email address, you will be able to start answering poll questions.

We assign a demographic category tag to your profile. When a poll is closed, our software anonymizes the poll answers by adding your demographic tag to the data and removing any reference to your profile.

Many users will have the same demographic category tag. For instance, one demographic category tag is “White-Male-CG1”. This corresponds to a white male that lives in the City of Greenville council district 1. This allows us to maintain user privacy regarding the poll answers while maintaining statistical accuracy.

Once a poll is closed and the data is anonymized, we remove the raw poll data from the servers. The only data that is kept on the servers is your profile information and the current active polls. We keep daily polls up for one week.

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